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Couey Auction Service Ltd. would like to make your auction experience as enjoyable and successful as possible and we would like to share some basic information with you in regards to our auctions.

The first rule of buying at auction is to do your research, because being an informed buyer is your responsibility.  Take advantage of the auction preview whether it be on or before the sale day.  This will give you ample time to take measurements and inspect the items. 

After you have researched and inspected the item(s), now you can formulate a reasonable maximum bid.  This figure is the maximum amount of money you decide you want to spend on an item.  Having this number in mind during the actual bidding will help you stick to your budget guidelines.

We encourage you to talk with our knowledgeable auctioneers for insight on current market trends and reasonable sale values.  Another useful tool is the internet which will allow you to find the current retail prices.

Registration is required for all auctions.  This simply means providing your name, address and telephone number to our registration staff.  You will be given a bidder’s number, which will identify you to the auctioneer.  There is no charge for registering at our auctions.  If you wish to receive notice of our upcoming auctions provide your email and we will be happy to forward future sale information.

Now it is time for the items to go on the auction block.  The auctioneer will announce the commencement of the auction and state the terms and conditions of the sale.  As each item is introduced the auctioneer will advise buyers of any information of the items as detailed by the consigner.  This information is only a guide.  The owner, auctioneer and auction staff are not responsible for any error or omission stated verbally, in print or on the website. 

When you want to bid on an item – make sure the auctioneer and ring men can see you bidding by raising your hand and/or buyers number.  Once the auctioneer has taken your first bid they will keep their eye on you.  Being too slow and subtle in your response may lead to the auctioneer missing your bid.  Bidding is exciting and contrary to what television may lead you to believe, the auctioneer will not let the hammer fall on you because you were scratching your nose! Once the auctioneer has proclaimed SOLD, all sales are final.  Once an item is sold it becomes the responsibility of the buyer. 

Following the sale or when you have purchased all of the items you wish to you can then settle your bill with payment of cash, certifiable cheque, Debit, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.  Of course no transaction is complete without the GST.

If you are not able to attend and auction or have to leave prior to the sale of an item you would like you can still participate in the auction.

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