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Couey Auction Service Ltd. employs the following terms and conditions at all their auctions.  These terms must be agreed to in order to be assigned a bidder number.

  1. All good are sold on an “as is”, “where is” basis and any description of goods is set out or offered as a guide only; the Auction company accepts no responsibility for errors in description, it being the responsibility of prospective buyers to inspect the property before the sale and satisfy themselves as to the condition, age and authenticity.

  2. All goods must be settled for in cash or certifiable cheque on sale day and before being removed from the auction site, but nevertheless the item become the responsibility of the purchasers immediately upon the sale of the item by the customary manner.

  3. The Auction company reserves the right to accept or reject any bid and shall control the bidding at all time and in all cases of dispute the Auctioneer’s decision shall be final.

  4. I hereby certify that I understand the terms and conditions of the sale and that I will be responsible for paying for the goods charge to me.

  5. If I pay by cheque, I further certify that there is now on deposit to my credit at the bank on which the cheque is drawn, sufficient cleared funds to meet payment and that said funds will remain available for payment of said cheque upon presentation.

  6. If my cheque is not honored for any reason I understand that I will face civil and/or criminal charges which will not be withdrawn.


Terms are subject to change and while we make every effort to keep the website up to date, this is a guideline only. 


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