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History of Couey Auction

Eldon (1930-2019) and Kathleen Couey (1930-2015) started Couey Auction Service in the spring of 1961 after Eldon completed his course in Billings, Montana.  Eldon was proud to sell with and learn from mentors/ characters in the business like J. Allan Bar U Baker.   He sold… primarily selling household and farm auctions.


The early year saw auctioneers Bruce Flewelling and Frank Noble selling with Eldon.  In 1978 Eldon and Kathleen’s son Wally joined the company after completing the Auctioneers course in Lacombe, Alberta.  Family friend Dave Smith joined the Company in 1987 after taking the course in Billings, Montana.  Dave & Wally continue to sell along with Eldon. 

The family continued to join the company in many capacities: Kathleen casheried until she was 75, when daughter Pat took over.  Son in law Len, daughter Cathy and the grandsons all assist in the ring and good family friend Sharon keeping everyone on track with the clerking.  Eldon is very proud of this family business.

In 2006 our company took the plunge into the world of technology and introduced a computer system.  It was quite a learning curve for everyone, in particular those not so computer savy or ready to give up the paper and pen ways.  But in the end it is a very efficient way to manage our sales. 

Couey Auction has supported/participated in countless charity auctions in the Foothills since its inception raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for many non-profits and individuals in need of a helping hand.  If there is one thing that Eldon ensured his family learned was that it is important to give back to the community you live in.

There are many laughs at a Couey Auction sale between staff and customers, we are proud to know many of our customers and see them attend sales on a regular basis.   

Eldon was honored to receive his 50 year pin at the Alberta Auctioneers Convention in 2011.  Eldon continues to say that he has handed things over to the boys but there is rarely a sale he does not attend and grab the mike at some point, he still helps list the sales and oversees the advertising.  He looks forward to celebrating another milestone and keeping active so that he can receive his 55 year pin. 




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